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Dr. Garber is a Urologist specializing in the following areas:

- Penile Implants / Impotence
- Prostate microwave treatment
- Prostate laser vaporization
- Cryo (freezing) prostate cancer
- CyberKnife® Treatment of Prostate Cancer
- Other Male Urologic Disorders
- Urology Expert Witness Services
- UROLIFT enlarged prostate treatment
- NEW: Penile Enlargement and Male Genital Cosmetic Procedures
- Urologic Instruments

Penile Enlargement and Male Genital Cosmetic Procedures

Dr. Garber has specialized in male genital surgery for over 20 years. He is a world-renowned, published expert in penile implant surgery, and has completed thousands of male genital operations. After taking care of so many patients, he now appreciates that men not only want their genitals to function normally; they also want them to look as good as possible! In response to this, he is now offering a variety of male genital cosmetic procedures, including the following:

  1. Penile length enhancement. Many if not most men would like their penis to be bigger than it currently is. This diagram shows the relevant penile anatomy:

    Through a small incision just above the base of the penis, the fundiform and suspensory ligaments can be carefully released. This untethers the penis, and allows some of its hidden portion to be exposed. Penile ligament release (PLR) can increase the visible and usable length of the penis. PLR can be combined with inflatable penile implant insertion, or with penile traction, which can maintain and increase usable penile length. PLR is a straightforward procedure that Dr. Garber is currently offering to select men. Sometimes additional procedures are needed, including removal of excess scrotal tissue and/or prepubic fat.

    This photo shows the fundiform ligament, which tethers the penis to the lower abdominal wall. Release of this ligament, followed by release of the suspensory ligament below it, may allow an increase in usable and visible penile length. To read a published study which shows how penile ligament release can be combined with inflatable penile implant insertion, click here.

  2. Penile girth enhancement. Penile girth enhancement has been done in a variety of ways. Fat, hyaluronic acid gel, silicone inserts, or sheets of dermal tissue can be injected or positioned under the penile shaft skin, to increase penile width and circumference. However, due to the high complication rates reported by other physicians, Dr. Garber is not currently offering penile girth enhancement procedures.

    The following 9 photos are examples of Dr. Garber's surgical results:

    Penis enlargement, case #1 Penis enlargement, case #2 Penis enlargement, case #3 Penis enlargement, case #4 Penis enlargement, case #5 Penis enlargement, case #6 Penis enlargement, case #7 Penis enlargement, case #8 Penis enlargement, case #9

  3. Circumcision revision. A large number of men have a poor cosmetic result related to their circumcision. Problems we have seen include the following:

    1. Residual foreskin (penis looks uncircumcised);
    2. Irregular or lumpy circumcision incision; and
    3. Skin bridges between the penile head (corona) and the shaft skin:
    4. Note skin bridge between right side of corona and penile shaft skin.

    These circumcision issues can usually be improved upon or completely eliminated.

    Skin bridge has been eliminated; penis has a much more normal appearance.

  4. Scrotoplasty. Scrotal problems are frequently seen, including:

    1. Peno-scrotal webbing (“turkey-neck” deformity);
    2. Excess or asymmetric scrotum; and
    3. Scrotal angiomas (purple spots), which look unattractive and may bleed.

    Scrotal webbing or excess can usually be improved with a scrotoplasty procedure. Scrotal angiomas can be completely eliminated with laser treatment.

  5. Removal of genital skin lesions. Some men have unsightly skin lesions on or near their genitalia. These can often be removed, improving the cosmetic appearance.

    Patient has 2 keloids just above his penis; they were unsightly, and interfered with sexual activity. Keloids have been excised, and will heal with a much better cosmetic appearance.

  6. Testicular procedures Men may develop a variety of testicular problems, including:

    • Hydrocele (fluid collection around the testis)
    • Spermatocele (cyst of the sperm collecting system)
    • Testicular atrophy or asymmetry

    Patient has large hydrocele around his left testicle; his scrotum is enlarged and his penis is obscured. Left hydrocele has been repaired. His scrotum is much smaller, and his penis now appears larger.

  7. Genital problems in obese men.

    Patient was quite obese and had erectile dysfunction. His penis was barely visible, and created embarrassment for him. He avoided any type of sexual interaction because of these issues. Patient was treated with an inflatable penile implant and penile lengthening procedure. He is now able to get an excellent erection, and his penis looks considerably larger. He is no longer ashamed about his penile appearance or performance; his confidence has been restored, and he no longer avoids sexual situations.

    Each man is unique, so a personal consultation (interview and examination) is needed to determine what can and cannot be accomplished. Some procedures (e.g., hydrocele repair, circumcision revision) are covered by health insurance. Purely cosmetic procedures are usually not covered. However, we try to provide affordable solutions to these issues. Call our office to schedule a consultation to discuss your options.

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